• Developers: PHP UserCredentialPSR-4 compliant. Validate against a set of policies as recommended by OWASP best practices. SMS OTP and Google Authenticator integrated via PHP MultiOTP package. Download now on Github.... Read More

  • Products: Announcing FNDMGR 3.0 for InvestmentsCore modules in FNDMGR include Officeadmin, Trading, Settlement, Products, Corporate Actions, Depository, Portfolio Management, Accounting, Reporting, Cash Management, Structured Products, Invoicing, Notification, Recond... Read More

  • Mission“ To play a strong role in the growth of the investment industry by providing interactive and scaleable technology solutions to firms of all sizes; by utilizing research and development, both in Financial and Software ... Read More

Cymap Business Solutions

CYMAP FNDMGR 2.2 is coming out soon. The application is driven by the CGT Library, which is a toolkit for Enterprise applications developed inhouse. The CGT processes are controlled by Kendo, the CGT job scheduler. More to come soon...

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CYMAP Fund Manager


An investment management system using distributed architecture over a web platform, facilitating faster deployment at a lower cost.




Centralized store for financial data. The GL software has been embedded in CYMAP applications and other systems such as CRM software.




Business solutions ranging from business analysis to software development. Enterprises are unique and sometimes require some tailor made solutions.

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