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Quite a Cell-ebrity the Cellphone

In this present day and age, it is hard to believe that once upon a time cell phones were not in existence and when they were, they were not as commonly used as today. The marvel in comparing the past and current scenario comes about because currently mobile phones seem to run both personal and business worlds with countless applications; mobile is now the boss! What was once known as a gizmo to communicate via voice and text is now a requirement for success of transactions, marketing, communication (on more than a talk and text level), entertainment, reading, GPS and all in real time!

Everyone's Got A Spark

Every functioning item and process in our environment was initiated by an idea. It is however not ideas that are the basis of transformation of the functions we perceive and encounter, but the ability of the person with an idea to set aside their fear of failure and discouragement from others and act on it. An idea with no action remains just that, an idea. Ideas are sparks that require igniting in order to burn and be practical. Can you imagine if Albert Einstein, the Wright brothers, Steve Jobs and other great innovators and inventors had given up or not acted on their brilliant ideas?

Unmasking CYMAP

Let’s face it, modern technology is rapidly changing and enhancing how we carry out our day to day activities; as well as impacting the political and social - economic sectors. Up to date applications and infrastructure are therefore a requisite in enabling companies and individuals to keep up with these changing times.

Cymap Business Solutions was set up to provide development and outsourcing of financial and investments (portfolio management in particular) applications to corporate clients both in East Africa and abroad.

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